Indian Coal Markets Conference

09/11/2017 - 09/13/2017



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The Indian Coal Markets Conference is the leading annual gathering of Indian policy makers, coal producers, traders, shipping and logistics companies, consultants and consumers from the Aluminium, Steel/Sponge Iron, Cement and Power Generation Companies.

India's demand has been consistently growing but domestic supply has not kept pace. Imports have continued to be a growing opportunity for coal from Indonesia, South Africa and Australia. Coal from Colombia, USA, Ukraine are also looking at opportunities to supply this market.

Is this market for imported coal going to grow or is India going to step up coal production? Learn what the new government's plans to boost infrastructure spending and spur the economy into a new high growth trajectory. What is the outlook for India's steel, cement and power production. Also learn as to how the government plans to remove bottlenecks to coal mining projects and increase production.

Also network, with senior leaders from the Coal consuming industries and build relations with traders and service providers.

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